29 April 2017

Hello everyone,

We decided it’s in everyone’s best interest to find a place where we could host all our videos for the fans to enjoy and decided to do it here, rather than using Youtube or Dailymotion for obvious reasons. I imagine it’s quite frustrating keeping up with us going from one platform to the other, but due to the circumstances we didn’t really have a choice. We believe this is probably our best option.

It’s unfortunate that we have to leave other communities behind, because it brings a smile to our faces to see all the people comment on our videos. That’s why we implemented a comment system on this site aswell. We understand it’s a bit of a bother to register for yet another thing, but we would enjoy it if people interacted with us and with each other on this site, too!

That will be it for now, enjoy our videos and look forward to our next ones!

Also special thanks to Sekl for helping out with the site a lot, it wouldn’t have been possible without him.