Who are you?

We are Team Ideal Subs. We have been subbing IOI related content since last year.

Do you sub for the IOI splinter groups such as DIA, WJSN, GUGUDAN, PRISTIN too?

It depends whether the group in question has a dedicated fansubber already or not. WJSN and Pristin for example have dedicated fansubbers, whereas Gugudan was lacking them, so we decided to help out there. There is a high possibility we will sub for iTeen Girls.

Do you take requests to sub videos?

If the video in question is related to any of the IOI groups that do not have a dedicated fansubber already, then we can see if we have people available to sub the video if the interest is there. Please remember that subbing a video does take a considerable amount of time and we do this for free in our spare time. Feel free to contact us if you found a video that hasn't been subbed yet and you think we should!

Can we help in any way? Can we join the team?

You can help us by watching our videos and sharing them with your friends! Please leave us comments, like our vids, subscribe to us and keep watching our new releases!

People can join our team if they are motivated to help out. Korean Translators are the most demanded role for any subbing team, so any translators are welcome to help out! If you do not speak Korean, you could help us out with timing videos. I suggest you download the program 'Aegisubs' and look up tutorials on YouTube on how to time. Download a random video clip that hasn't been subbed and try it out yourself and see if you like it first. Contact us if you're interested!

I have a question that isn't in this list!

You can email us at [email protected] and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. We don't check there often though, so it can take a little bit of time. You could however contact @Yubseyo on Twitter or anyone on the team through the IOI Discord.

Why do you have ads before your videos? Do you make money from these?

No, we do not make money from these and it was not our choice to have them there. We hate them just as much as you and we're truly sorry that they are there. Please close them as soon as they pop up.

The reason they are there is because our videos are hosted on a third party platform and they have ads. We've had a lot of issues with YT/DM/FB lately and unfortunately this is the best we can do for now. Once again, our apologies.